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How to get rid of fine lines / wrinkles on your upper lip? Aesthetic Lane, Black Rock, VIC.

How do Upper lip lines occur:

Lip lines / Fine lines on the upper lip can occur for several reasons;

-Upper lip lines can be due to a lack of collagen. As we age, collagen decreases dramatically. Collagen is why we are given that plump and youthful appearance.

-The Orbicularis Oris Muscle (the muscle around our mouth) is very active. Repetitive movements can cause the presence of upper lip lines over time.

-Lifestyle factors such as drinking from a straw, sun exposure and consuming too much alcohol.

The best place to remove upper lip wrinkles in Bayside:

Fine lines over time can become static lines which are more difficult to manage and soften. We always advise prevention over cure. The Aesthetic Lane team in Black Rock can help by educating you on the lifestyle factors you are able to change to reduce the risk of these fine lines becoming static lines.

At Aesthetic Lane, the team of Cosmetic Injectors and Dermal Therapists will create a holistic treatment plan. The treatment plan may include collagen stimulation treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments, skin treatments and a thorough skincare regime, depending on the individual. This will allow for a result-driven journey for our clients.

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